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[GB 2.3.6 ROM] AceJB | Cooperve ~ JellyBean Experience!

[GB 2.3.6 ROM] AceJB Cooperve by .:: BRIJESH ::.

# AceJB is a Custom ROM based on Stock firmware

# It is not ICS/JellyBean (Remember, there is no official ICS/JB updates from samsung for this device)

# This ROM is based on 2.3.6 Stock GB Version (In the About menu you'll see 4.3, It's a build.prop edit.  )

# Devices Supported : Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i/M/C & GT-S5839i (Also known as "Cooperve")

# Android development community is free and open sourced. So you need not to pay for using this ROM.

# All the applications included in the ROM are free. There is no warez. If you found any paid app please PM me.

# This is not a Copyrighted ROM. You can use any part of my ROM (APKs, Mods etc). Just list my name in credits... Check my Credits section for some original works.

Caution: This update should be strictly applied to the devices which are having the model number as Ace GT-S5830i/M/C & GT-S5839i and is not for S5830 model and it's variants. If you still continue to update in your S5830 model, then we should not be held responsible for any damage happened.

Disclaimer: Neither this website, nor developer should be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in the process of following the instructions mentioned in this article. It’s very unlikely that there will be any issues but just in case if at all there are any issues then we are committed to help you in solving the same.
I'm not responsible for bricking your phone but that probably wont happen..

  • JB Themed UI
  • JB Themed Contacts
  • JB Themed Messaging
  • JB Themed Settings
  • JB Themed Holo Launcher
  • JB Themed Dialer
  • JB Themed FM Radio
  • JB Themed Alarm Clock
  • JB Themed Task Manager
  • JB Themed Calculator
  • JB Themed Camera
  • JB Themed Keyboard
  • JB Themed Pattern Lock
  • JB Themed Statusbar with Brightness Control, More Toggles, Profile Picture, Bandwidth Options.
  • Apollo Music Player
  • Holo Locker added to settings.
  • Wizard Memo modded as default Memo App
  • Modded Boat Browser Free as Chrome
  • Modded Network Counter Free as Data Usage
  • Rooted... SuperSU v.1.65
  • Google Play Store v.4.3.11
  • Root Browser Free as Default File Manager
  • 30 inbuilt direct wallpapers including new Android versions wallpapers
  • Extended Power Menu
  • 6 lockscreens by Alucard1989pl (disable Holo Locker to use it..)
  • Ad-free
  • Init.d Support
  • Several build.prop Tweaks added
  • And More... Feel the JB in GB!

ROM Change Log: v.2.0 (20.09.2013) 
  • New Settings layout with Data Usage
  • Added AceJB Settings (Profile Picture, OG Battery Mod, Clock Tweaks, Lidroid Parts, Holo Locker Settings, Operator Name Editor)
  • New JB Statusbar with Brightness Control, More Toggles, Profile Picture, Bandwidth Options.
  • Fixed Headphone Issue
  • Changed Default Ringtone to Classic Bell
  • Fixed Some Black-on-Black font issues
  • JB Like Pattern Lock
  • SuperSU v.1.65
  • Alarm App - DONE Button Fixed
  • Modded Perfect Keyboard as default Keyboard
  • Init.d Support
  • Default Lockscreen Wallpaper updated
  • More Locale in Settings

ROM Change Log: v.1.0 (09.09.2013)
  • Initial Release

Before doing anything wrong while installing this rom to your phone, make sure that you have the following items in your hand.

Clockworkmod Recovery (1.31 MB, Zippyshare) (105 MB, Dev-Host) 

Old Versions: (95 MB, Dev-Host) 

Fix for Flashlight bug in v.1.0 Apply this patch via CWM.SystemUI.apk (484 KB)

It can also be applied with v.2.0, if you don't like the New Statusbar Layout! 

Mods for AceJB ROM
Visit Discussion Thread in the General Section. Post#3

If you have boot problems and Stuck at Boot Logo, try to install stock firmware and then install this ROM.
How to install stock firmware?

Unbrick/Firmware restore | Flash Guide by feetsonfire

Need Splitted Odin Ready Stock Firmware? Download it from here...

  • Always back to Stock firmware via odin before installing any Custom ROM. This will avoidfreezing at boot logo.
  • You have to download the ROM zip file and
  • Copy it to your phone's SD Card.
  • Turn off your phone
  • Go to recovery mode (Stock Recovery 3e) (Home screen button + Power button + Volume up key)
  • Select install update from sd and select the Confirm the action
  • Now you are successfully installed ClockWork Recovery
  • We appreciate to BACKUP your Current ROM before moving to next step
  • Select wipe data / reset and Confirm the action
  • Select wipe cache partition and Confirm the action
  • Select install zip from sd and select the rom zip file & Confirm the action
  • Enjoy!

Known Bugs / To do / Tips:

  • Need to fix some more Black on Black Text.
  • No Battery Icon on First Boot? Open Settings >> AceJB Settings >> Battery Icon Themes. And apply any of the 21 battery icon styles
  • Tip: You can reduce Key Height for Keyboard. Open Settings >> Locale and text >> Android Keyboard >> Layout >> Vertical layout & Set Key height to 80-90.
No Kernels are included in this ROM. You can use any kernel for this ROM. If you want support for Scripts, install kernel other than stock.

Visit Kernel Source threads for more details,
Hells Fusion
nit Interactive
Download kernel you want to install, from corresponding source threads.

  • JB Contacts, MMS from Ivchek's Nemesis ROM modded by me (I know It's a Banned Name in xda, but this is not nemesis, & I'll not promote warez!)
  • Used MultiRoot-s5830i-c-m-aroma by iamareebjamal for perfect rooting the deodexed rom
  • [Guide] About Menu Pic to Settings by iamareebjamal
  • [Guide] 4.2.2 Statusbar For GB roms by SpaceCaker
  • [Guide] ICS Pattern lock screen by iamareebjamal
  • [Guide] Owner Pic Mod by b16h22
  • [Guide] FullScreen Notification Bar Like JB by RizaLeon
  • Home Jelly Mod Wallpaper by bobakazooboy on
  • 15 Toggle & 6 Lockscreens by Alucard1989pl
  • Android 4.3 Boot Animation collected by DamnTarget
  • rafael@baugis for Kernel Modules
  • OGBatteryMod by Osama Ghareeb
  • Run init.d scripts at startup thread by DooMLoRD and iridaki
  • EDT Tweaks by Einherjar Development Team
  • Network Counter App by mapeapps modded as Data Usage
  • AceJB Settings developed by me with the help of
  • Virtuous Ten Studio - Recompiling apks
  • Notepad++ - Editing xml, smali
  • ZipSigner - Signing rom zip files
  • Adobe Photoshop - Editing pics
  • 7Zip & WinRAR - Extracting resources
  • Search Everything Tool - Quick Searching files in my PC
  • QtADB Tool - ADB File transfer
  • - Wallpapers
  • - Android Versions Wallpapers
  • Google Chrome Browser in PC - Getting those Android Versions Wallpapers from it's cache & It's my best internet gateway...
  • Google Images - Searching Icons...
  • My HCL Me Netbook
  • BSNL Broadband...

Special Thanks to Members for support and guidance, @iamareebjamal, @Hitesh2626, @Sniper Killer, @puneeth.007, @SpaceCaker, @abhi922, @Android-fany, @rj_85, @js2892, @Mohinkx, @10xian04
and All xda-developers friends!

Version 2.0.0 Screenshots:























Preview by Anurag singh on YouTube:

Preview by me on YouTube:

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