Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ultimate List of ROMs (Part-1)

Ultimate List of ROMs (Part-1)

Here's the Index of almost all ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 (Cooper). 

There is no such words Perfect ROM, Best ROM. Each and every ROM has it's own identity. So this isn't a list for Best ROM, It's just a List with some screens...

Android Gingerbread (2.3.7)

[AOSP 2.3.7] Pure AOSP GingerBread by SpaceCaker

[CM 7.2] DEMOCRACY™ NT by tamingsari2k


[CM 7.2] LeWa by msnnsm


[CM 7.2] MiUi Life by Gabreek


[CM 7.2] AceScape by tio12

[CM 7.2] The Ultimatum by The "A" Factor


[CM 7.2] Reincarnation ROM Series by Rhievaldo


[CM 7.2] CyanogenMod 7.2-Gingerbread by Thiblizz


[CM 7.2] SealG4_Light Edition by mickael.webmaster


[CM 7.2] Nitrogen *The Resurrection* by ReaperXL2


[CM 7.2] JellyBread by Venomous Viper 119


[CM 7.2] APOCALYPSE by itasoulas


[CM 7.2] Monster X4.4 SE by HardSol7


[CM 7.2] BlackBerry OS by PulseDroid


[CM 7.2] Wp-ReMix GamerzEdition by The "A" Factor


Android Gingerbread (2.3.6)

[Stock 2.3.6] AceJB ROM by brijeshep


[Stock 2.3.6] SGS III-IV by SpaceCaker


[Stock 2.3.6] Super Stock by omega_warrior


[Stock 2.3.6] SGA Unlimited by equilibriojh


[Stock 2.3.6] Sense 4.0 by SpaceCaker


[Stock 2.3.6] M'rage ROM by MatZ69


[Stock 2.3.6] JellyBean REVOLUTiON Light by KranTi


[Stock 2.3.6] S'Perience BE6 by Ver3go


[Stock 2.3.6] TouchWiz UX 5.0 By NaTHaN


[Stock 2.3.6] StockRom EVOLUTION by G.Galante


[Stock 2.3.6] SkyFly by Tovagulet@TeamSky


[Stock 2.3.6] USR-Ultimate by SpaceCaker


[Stock 2.3.6] NVKY-SGSIII/IV by nvky71


[Stock 2.3.6] Revolution Meizu by SpaceCaker


Android Gingerbread (2.3.5)

[Stock 2.3.5] S>G<S 2 by SpaceCaker


[Stock 2.3.5] ParsLand-GB by s-android


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