Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ultimate List of ROMs (Part-2)

Ultimate List of ROMs (Part-2)

Here's the Index of almost all ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 (Cooper). 

There is no such words Perfect ROM, Best ROM. Each and every ROM has it's own identity. So this isn't a list for Best ROM, It's just a List with some screens...

Android KitKat

[CM 11] Cyanogenmod 11 by yajnab

[CM 11] Modded by Mardon

Android Jelly Bean

[CM 10.2] CyanogenMod - Android 4.3 Stable by ankur850@ARMV6-PROJECT

[CM 10.1.6] Android 4.2.2 KITKAT UI by Cup_Cake

[CM 10.1] Android 4.2.2 Touchwiz-Revolutionised Sky_Walker@Team.ARMV6

[AOSPA 4.2.2] Paranoid Android by OldDroid

[Android 4.2.2] PAC-ROM by OldDroid

[CM 10.2] Modded by Mardon

[AOKP 4.2.2] JB-MR1 Android by utak3r@AOKP Legacy Team

[CM 10.1] CyanogenMod JB 4.2.2 - by bieltv.3@Androidarmv6

[CM 10.1] MIUI4 JB by nims11

[CM 10.1] Android 4.2.2 HALO by A_U

[CM 10.1.6] CyanogenMod 10.1 Modded by Mardon

[CM 10.2] Android 4.3.1 Jenkins Build (Monthly/Weekly) Title:cm_cooper

Android Ice Cream Sandwitch

[AOSP 4.0.4] PURE AOSP ICS by OldDroid

[CM 9] Touchwiz Revolutionized by Sky_Walker

[CM 9] IcySnap v2.0 SKYFALL by Sky_Walker

[CM 9] Xperiance-Ace (Xperia Z) by Sky_Walker

[CM 9] Unofficial Nightly Maclaw Studios by Rhievaldo

[CM 9] Nebulosity ROM by Vadim Shved

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